Tim Hollis, Registered Piano Technician, Panama City, FL

Tim Hollis, Registered Piano Technician in Panama City, Florida.I’m a Registered Piano Technician belonging to the Piano Technician’s Guild. In fact, I’m the only Registered Piano Technician in Panama City, Florida!

The Piano Technicians Guild is a standards body that governs the training and tests the skills of piano technicians. There are two levels of membership: Associate Member and Registered Piano Technician.¬†An Associate Membership is open to anyone with a “professional or avocational interest in piano technology”, such as retailers and technicians-in-training.

On the other hand, a Registered Piano Technician, such as myself, must pass rigorous written and hands-on testing:

  • A written exam testing piano design, tuning, repair, and general technology.
    A hands-on tuning test in which the technician must tune a piano which is then electronically compared to a piano that has been “master tuned” by at least three examiners.
  • Hands-on technical tests:
    • An action regulation test on both a grand and an upright piano. For the upright test, the examinee must build an action from a bag of parts.
    • A repair test covering in-home types of repairs such as broken strings, key repairs, and action repairs.
    • Only the most dedicated and skilled piano technician becomes a Registered Piano Technician. This should be the only person you should consider to maintain your piano!

View my credentials on the Piano Technicians Guild website or learn more about Registered Piano Technicians.